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Magnuson TVS2300 6th Generation Supercharger
Magnuson TVS2300 6th Generation Supercharger

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The Magnuson TVS2300 utilizes the most advanced supercharger technology to give your vehicle power without compromise.
Each revolution of the TVS2300 displaces 2300 cubic centimeters of air, which makes it ideal for mid-sized to large engines. The units 6th Generation Eaton TVS rotor group delivers more performance in a smaller package than was previously possible using older supercharger designs. Given its sophistication and power potential it is easy to see why the 6th generation truly represents the “State of the Art” in positive displacement forced induction systems.

Its impressive performance is largely due to the unit’s state of the art rotor assembly. At the core of each TVS2300 supercharger are twin four-lobe rotors with 160 degrees of twist. Volumetric efficiency and air flow properties are enhanced by the higher helix angle (the 5th generation has 60° of twist). Inlet and outlet port geometry have also been re-engineered to minimize drag and maximize air flow. Performance is also aided by thermal efficiency which approaches 76% and a pressure ratio capability of 2.4. Because the TVS series introduces less heat to the air intake track, higher boost levels can be achieved without the use of an intercooler.

Even though the primary design focus of the TVS2300 was performance, Magnuson has taken steps to reduce supercharger noise and vibration. These improvements reduce the need for acoustical treatments and create a more pleasant daily driving experience. For those who prefer supercharger “whine,” 1:1 cog ratio rear drive pulleys are available.

Given these advantages it is no wonder why engineers at Chevrolet and Ford specified that OEM versions of the TVS2300 be fitted to the Corvette ZR1 (LS9) and the Mustang Shelby GT500 (5.8L) respectively. Both of these vehicles are great examples of how 6th generation supercharger technology can produce over 650 engine horsepower, while retaining a street-able ride. The goal of Magnuson’s custom superchargers is to allow enthusiasts to bring those levels of power, performance, and refinement to a wide range of unique vehicles.

Generic head units have a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty against manufacturing defects. This only applies to the original head unit purchased from Magnuson.