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Magnuson MP62 4th Generation Supercharger
Magnuson MP62 4th Generation Supercharger

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The Magnuson MP62 is a hybrid/roots-style supercharger featuring an Eaton rotor assembly, which displaces 62 cubic inches per revolution.
Not only was the MP62 built to increase your engine's horsepower and torque, it was also designed to maintain your vehicle’s factory dependability, drivability, and fuel economy (under normal driving conditions). What’s more, “S Port” technology and an integral bypass are included in each 4th Generation Magna Charger for unparalleled performance. Adiabatic efficiency, delta temperature, and engine power requirements have all been improved, and the inlet and outlet track is now more than 90% volumetrically efficient, thanks to years of research.

The MP62 was engineered for midsized fuel injected engines, ranging in displacement from 2.0 to 4.0 liters. Although it may be tempting, to install the largest possible blower that will fit under your hood, Magnuson's engineers recommend selecting the smallest supercharger that will provide your desired boost level. Remember, proper supercharger sizing ensures that your car will achieve boost at the lowest possible RPM, thus maintaining the responsiveness and street-ability of your engine’s power band.

Eaton has produced original equipment versions of the MP62 for Nissan, Mercedes, and General Motors (Cobalt SS LSJ). The MP62 has also proven itself in a number of naturally aspirated to forced induction transformations, including the Honda S2000, Mazda Miata NA & NB, and Lotus Elise & Exige. As with Magnuson’s other bare superchargers the MP62 can be configured with a variety of options to meet your needs.

Generic head units have a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty against manufacturing defects. This only applies to the original head unit purchased from Magnuson.