TVS Technology
Magnuson Superchargers utilize the latest 6th Generation Eaton positive displacement rotors, used by nearly all the OEMs for a very good reason, the ultimate performance and reliability!

TVS® Supercharger Technology

The Eaton TVS Supercharger has been improving engine performance since 1985, beginning with the reknown M-Series. Five generations later, the TVS® (Twin Vortices Series®) was a revolutionary design that provides an incredible 12% efficiency improvement. It also has a higher speed capability, from 18.000 to 24.000 rpm, which produces a broader map width. Today, TVS is available in 2 different specifications: R-Series with 4 lobes optimized for peak power applications, and V-Series with 3 lobes optimized for low flow efficiency, ideal for 2-stage boosting systems. In 2015 Eaton also introduced its 7th generation Supercharger called TVS2 with further improvement of efficiency!

Superchargers can be used in both single stage and twin stage boosting engine applications. For single stage boosted engines, the V-Series Supercharger offers a very good low end torque behavior with moderate maximum engine power output. The R-Series Supercharger provides higher boost at higher speeds thus enabling an engine for maximum engine power output. Twin stage boosted systems behave differently. Maximum engine power at high engine speeds is generated by the Turbocharger when exhaust gas energy content is high. In low engine RPM with lack of exhaust energy, the V-Series Supercharger efficiently deliver high amounts of air for superior low end torque.

Eaton TVS Superchargers: R-Series & V-Series both have one key advantage in common – fast response and available boost when exhaust gas energy is low. Both Superchargers have their own specific advantages as well.

High pressure ratio capability of 2.5 Highest efficiency at higher pressure and high speed Aimed for single boosting device where a lot of flow is needed.

High pressure ratio capability of 2.5 Highest efficiency at low pressure and low speed Aimed for single boosted engines with low end torque need
and twin boosted systems to power the low engine speed map.